This week, Monday, Kate McKenzie announced the completion of the network review we commenced in February, and thekate-mckenzie_large_rdax_75 commitment of an additional $50 million to implement the recommendations.

The review looked at every aspect of our network, end to end. Overall, it confirmed the incredible strength and resilience of our network – which is the largest and fastest in Australia, as we know.

Specifically, the findings identified three key outcomes and actions for us. We are in the process of implementing these now:

  1. We have confirmed the root causes of those disruptions and implemented a range of steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of these issues happening again. This has included increasing redundancy in the nodes, adding more capacity to the core network, introducing new processes and procedures for key network element restarts, and improving resilience in our international connectivity.
  2. We are increasing the sophistication of our network monitoring. We will invest $25 million in additional systems and tools that will help us get better, earlier warnings of traffic patterns that might be a cause for concern.
  3. We are improving our network recovery time – specifically, reducing the time it takes for lots of customers to re-register or reconnect onto our network at once. This re-registration process is a common challenge for network operators around the world. We will be investing $25 million in this work so that our recovery time will become best in class.

So while no network operator in the world can guarantee that disruptions won’t occur from time to time, what we can do is reduce the likelihood and the impact of those disruptions.

That is what the actions from this review will do for Telstra.

You can see and read more from Kate in her blog and presentation at Investor Day on Telstra Exchange.