Telstra Wi-Fi™

Two million Telstra Wi-Fi™ hotspots expected within five years

Our vision is to help our customers connect more often. We’re creating Australia’s largest Wi-Fi networks as part of a $100 million-plus strategy to increase connectivity in the places Australians live, work and visit, such as cafes, shops, sports grounds and transport hubs. The network is scheduled to launch from early 2015.

Greater Wi-Fi coverage

Telstra customers already have access to one of the world’s leading mobile networks offering fast, unparalleled coverage on the move. Telstra’s new Wi-Fi network will broaden the choice of connection giving people a convenient way to get online using their portable devices when spending time at a hotspot. It will offer our customers the unique option to seamlessly use their home broadband allowance inside and outside the home.

Our aim is to offer Australians – irrespective of whether they are Telstra customers or not – access to two million Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation within five years. And in an effort to ensure that our customers are truly connected, our new network will also reach overseas, allowing you to connect at more than 13 million international hotspots as part of an exclusive deal with global Wi-Fi provider Fon.

Take your Home Broadband Allowance with you

Our Home Broadband customers will be able to use their broadband allowance away from their homes. We’ll be offering new gateways that’ll allow you to securely share a portion of your bandwidth with Telstra Wi-Fi customers in exchange for accessing your Home Broadband allowance at Telstra Wi-Fi™ hotspots across the nation. If you have a compatible gateway and join the Wi-Fi community, you’ll be able to use your Home Broadband allowance at domestic Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as connect at more than 13 million hotspots globally.

Why Australians stand to benefit

We are planning to bring Wi-Fi internet to community areas and social precincts, as well as shopping strips, business centres and transport hubs. We’ll also work with small business, enterprise and government to bring Telstra Wi-Fi to cafes, shops, waiting rooms, parks, stadiums and public buildings. Non Telstra customers and Telstra customers who are not part of the Wi-Fi community will be able to buy passes to Fon-enabled Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots.

Accessing Telstra Wi-Fi™

Australians will be able to access Telstra Wi-Fi in a number of ways:

  • Telstra home broadband customers with a compatible gateway who join the Wi-Fi community can use their broadband allowance at no extra charge via domestic Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots and connect to more than 13 million Fon-enabled hotspots globally.
  • Non Telstra customers and Telstra customers who have not joined the Wi-Fi community will be able to connect to Fon-enabled Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots the network for a small charge using day passes.
  • The investment will enable partners to offer public Wi-Fi to patrons, visitors and communities.
  • Over time Telstra Wi-Fi access will be offered to Telstra mobile-only customers

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