The National Broadband Network


The National Broadband Network (NBN), Australia’s new fibre network, is underway.

The rollout of the new superfast network is set to change the way we operate, both at work and in our daily lives. That means more amazing opportunities to take your business where you want. A chance to innovate, transform the way you work or develop an entirely new business model.

In the brave new NBN era, it pays to work alongside someone who understands both the challenges and the opportunities. Someone who’ll be with you for the journey, from connecting you to the new network, to keeping you ahead of the curve.

Who can you trust to unlock the amazing potential of the NBN for your business? Telstra & DMG Communications.

Telstra Next IP® Network


It’s now possible for Australian businesses to access the same networks and services as large enterprise, but without the same level of investment. The Telstra Next IP® network is a high-performance national data network with coverage to over 95% of Australian businesses. It enjoys seamless integration with the wireless Next G® network, making it easier for your staff and offices around the nation to work as one.

The Next IP network enables you to:

  • Keep your field staff and branch offices connected to head office and each other
  • Standardise and share applications across the business
  • Manage remote staff and assets
  • Improve your productivity, efficiency and customer service

Because the Telstra Next IP® network has received ISO 27001 Security Management System accreditation for IP MAN, IP WAN and IP Wireless Products and has a 99.999% target core availability, it’s as robust as any business service.

So whether you need to add a single employee, or a company-wide application, you’ll find our Next IP® network scalable at every level, setting you up for future expansion.

Need more information?

For more information on Telstra’s Next IP® network, Contact us or call on 1300 ASK DMG.