IP Telephony


IP Telephony gives you all the features and functionality of a traditional on-site phone system. Plus the savings, reliability and performance advantages of integrating the Telstra Next IP™ network into your framework. IP Telephony doesn’t involve expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure. Your options range from pre-packaged end-to-end solutions, through to completely customised and configurable solutions based on your commercial, financial and operational needs.

Business grade reliability

Our IP Telephony solutions are delivered across the Telstra Next IP network, using Class of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality. This ensures that your entire team can count on business grade voice quality and reliability from their IP Telephony.

Enhanced functionality

You can also simplify operation and management of your telephony systems when you switch to our IP Telephony.

The advantages include:

  • intuitive, desktop-based control for users
  • simple, real-time administration for system managers
  • seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users.

A single phone system for every location

By having your telephony services delivered as a network-based solution, you can avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a separate phone system for each of your business locations. Removing the need to manage CPE, capacity planning, licenses, integrators, vendor contracts, and separate voice and data operations can lead to significant ongoing savings. What’s more, if your business has a dedicated Telstra Next IP network, integrating your telephony with your data network can help you optimise that investment.

Migrate at your own pace

To help smooth your organisation’s migration to Telstra IP Telephony, you can deploy your overall solution one office, or worksite, at a time.

Telstra Business Systems


Whatever the size and requirements of your organisation, Telstra Business Systems can help reshape the way you do business by providing simple communications packages to meet your needs. Not only can we supply and install a new phone system to meet your communication requirements, we can also provide ongoing maintenance and management, all on a single bill.


What is Telstra Business Systems?

Telstra Business Systems provides tailored unified communication packages, with a choice of equipment from leading suppliers, delivered as simple to manage solutions, with a single point of contact and agreed service levels for organisations with diverse technology requirements.

Build a better communications solution

Depending on what your business requirements are, here are 5 simple steps to help you find a solution that’s tailored to the way you do business.

Step 1 – Select the system most suited to your business

Choose from a range of fully featured business phone systems from some of the world’s leading vendors.

Step 2 – Add Unified Communications applications and services to create more value

  • Video conferencing: The latest HD technology can increase productivity and save travel time and expense
  • Integrated communications: Our range of integration software gives you fast access to calls and messages on any device or platform, even when on the move
  • SIP Connect: Take advantage of the latest IP Calling technology and converge all your voice and data traffic on to a unified Telstra Next IP® network service
  • Professional Services: Employ our expert knowledge to choose the right phone system and technology for your business.

Step 3 – Select a Telstra calling plan

You can take up Telstra Business Systems either on its own or with a voice plan. Explore our options to find out your business best-fit.

Step 4 – Choose your level of ongoing maintenance assistance

Whichever level you choose, technical support can be reached 24/7 from a single point of contact to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 5 – Simple billing with flexible payment options

Purchase outright, choose from our 12 or 24 months repayment options, or enter into a rental or finance lease agreement with our preferred third-party financier, Capital Finance, and get all your charges on a single Telstra bill.

Telstra Business Systems® brochure (PDF, 1.45 MB)


Improve your business operations

A Telstra Business Phone System can make you more efficient through improved communications. Ensuring business continuity through agreed response and restoration times, it can also help you minimise the risks of lost productivity. What’s more, our solutions are also designed to help your business grow and become more flexible.

Simplify administration

Improve reporting, billing and budgeting. Consolidating your telephony services with us can provide you with a single invoice, plus regular reporting and telephone system financing options. Receive a single bill for all your calls. And have one point of contact for the end-to-end management of your voice communications.

Free up your working capital

Purchase outright, choose from our 12 or 24 months repayment options, or enter into a rental or finance lease agreement with our preferred third-party financier, Capital Finance, and get all your charges on a single Telstra bill.

A tailored solution

Whether it is an upgrade of current traditional voice technology, a self-paced migration to IP telephony, or implementation of an IP telephony solution for a new site, we can work with you to identify your specific needs and tailor the right solution for your organisation.

Choose Your Plan

You can take up Telstra Business Systems either on its own or with a voice plan. Explore our options below to find out your business best-fit.

Plan Type Best if you’re… My Offer Summary
Business Connect Basic A small business with four or less fixed landlines. Basic plan (PDF, 386kB)
Business Connect Plus A medium sized business with between five and 15 fixed landlines. Plus Plan (PDF, 390kB)
Business Connect Premium A medium to larger sized business that has 16 or more fixed landlines. Premium plan (PDF, 97kB)

Business Connect Plan Monthly Rebates

Sign up for a Telstra Business Systems solution with a Business Connect Plan and receive a monthly rebate off eligible calls on your chosen plan1. You can get 12 per cent for a 3-year term, 14 per cent for 4 years and 16 per cent for 5 years. The monthly rebate depends on the plan you choose and can be used to offset the cost of your new office phone system.

Plan Term Monthly Rebate  (TBS)
3 years 12%
4 years 14%
5 years 16%

Find out how your business could benefit when you connect to our new Telstra Business Systems SIP Connect plans2.

Pay as little as $108 per month for 36 months and enjoy included:

– Standard local calls
– National long distance (STD®) calls
– Calls from your fixed line to mobiles
– All to standard numbers while in Australia

 SIP Connect


It’s now easy to connect your on-site equipment1 to our phone network and enjoy the convenience and cost-efficiency of a single IP network. With Telstra SIP Connect, all your voice and data traffic is converged onto the Telstra Next IP® network.


SIP Connect is compatible with our hosted Telstra IP Telephony solution, so you can use both premise-based and hosted equipment to create a hybrid solution tailored to suit each site. This means your organisation can realise the benefits of IP Telephony with high security, increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. You can also have the latest IP voice functions, while reducing call costs with on-net calling. To find out more about the benefits of IP Telephony, click here

New TBS SIP Connect Plans

Find out how your business could benefit when you connect to our new Telstra Business Systems SIP Connect plans. Pay as little as $108 per month for 36 months and enjoy included:

  • Standard local calls
  • National long distance (STD®) calls
  • Calls from your fixed line to mobiles All to standard numbers while in Australia

Call us today and find out about these affordable plans: 1300 ASK DMG

SIP Connect brochure (PDF, 1.41MB)


Improve productivity Powerful new communication and collaboration features can help your employees work more efficiently.

Reduce costs Introduce on-net calling and reduce the expense and inefficiency of separate infrastructure.

Flexibility You can choose to use a mix of legacy and Telstra hosted equipment to suit each site. You can also reallocate capacity when needed with the optional Business Trunks Shared Capacity feature.

Scalability Add or remove voice channels fast at low cost as business needs change.

Improve management Simplify moves, additions and changes. Call reporting allows you to control forecasting and budgeting.

Enhance business continuity Re-route calls to an alternate number or trunk automatically with the optional Business Continuity feature. Maintain full call capacity during failover scenario with the Business Trunks Shared Capacity.

Enhanced security Only we offer hybrid solutions combining hosted Telstra IP Telephony services with your existing equipment. All voice and data is carried over the Telstra Next IP network which offers:

  • Unprecedented scale and reach to connect you in more places
  • 99.999% reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise time-sensitive voice traffic
  • ISO-27000 security certification to ensure the highest levels of security for your calls
  • Unique, end-to-end network visibility to identify and resolve issues to minimise business disruption


Telstra SIP Connect provides a choice of either Business Lines or Business Trunks packages:

Business Lines Suits smaller sites with equipment that has fewer features or less capacity.

Business Trunks Suits medium to large sites with fully featured PBXs.

Both packages offer:

  • PSTN connectivity to PBX/KTS systems via ISDN or IP interface
  • Direct-in-Dial service
  • On-net calling
  • Extension level billing
  • Variable call capacity from as little as two voice lines
  • Hybrid hosted and on-site equipment capability

Optional Features

Mobility Services

  • Simultaneous Ring – route voice calls to up to 10 numbers
  • Remote Office – work remotely while maintaining corporate identity
  • Telstra Toolbar – use telephony features from your PC to save time

Real Time Billing Real time billing provides outgoing call record information after the completion of each call. It allows you to monitor call costs with appropriate software so you can forecast and budget with more accuracy.

Business Continuity Detects when the network loses connectivity to your registering device and automatically re-routes calls to an alternate number or trunk until connectivity is restored.

Business Trunks Shared Capacity Purchasing a shared pool of call capacity instead of having dedicated capacity for individual sites, allows consolidation of call resources, reducing the total number of channels required. This also provides the possibility to maintain full call capacity for business continuity in the event of a network failover (when purchased in conjunction with the Business Continuity call redirection option).

Things you need to know

  1. Telstra-accredited PBXs.
  2. Offer available per 2 voice line extensions. Offer available to new or existing TBS customers with an ACN, ABN or ARBN through participating TBS Accredited Partners. You must have an IP WAN or IP MAN service with Telstra that can be configured and dimensioned to support IP voice calls, as well as a compatible Telstra Next IP® service. You can make a maximum of 400 outbound calls each month from each Voice Line Extension forming part of your TBS SIP Connect service and call charges apply for calls made in excess of this amount as set out in the SIP Connect section of Our Customer Terms, available at www.telstra.com.au/customer-terms/business-government/other-voice-services/sip-connect. If you cancel early you must pay an early termination charge for your service as set out in Our Customer Terms. Minimum cost $3888 over 36 months. ™ and ® are trade marks and registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.

Our Suppliers

Avaya logo

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides Unified Communications, Contact Centers, Data solutions and related services directly and through its accredited channel partners to leading businesses and organizations around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.

Avaya phone

Avaya’s Small and Medium Enterprise Communications unit is focused on businesses with 1 to 250 employees. As the market leader in Small and Medium Enterprise communications with approximately 30 million telephony users on Avaya`s fit for purpose platforms, Avaya brings together telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, and customer management designed specifically for the requirements of small and medium businesses.


Ericsson - LG

You mightn’t be big, but you still want to make a big impression. The last thing you want is to appear like a small-time operation to your customers. To project a professional image, you need a communication system that offers you all the standard features you need for the present – such as call waiting and voicemail – as well as more advanced features that can be activated should your needs change. And of course, all this needs to be at a value-for-money price. Ericsson- LG is one of Australia’s most popular brands of telecommunications equipment and the ideal choice if you are looking for a simple-to-operate system that offers reliability as well as the potential for growth. It has all the standard features you need now, plus the features you need for the future.

Happy Customers

“The Telstra Business Phone Systems’ solution [Ericsson-LG] has helped our business improve productivity, save on costs and in general, streamlined our communications.”

Doug Canham Roscos Trademate Perth, Western Australia

LG Ericsson phone

This scalable solution uses Australia’s premier communications network combined with best-of-breed equipment to deliver a cost-effective IP-enabled PBX and Pure IP phone system options that streamline communications and bring together multiple sites, mobile staff and remote offices.



There is no denying the cost saving, productivity gains and lifestyle benefits of high definition video conferencing. LifeSize® video communications system delivers HD audio and video and integrated data sharing on any IP network. Standards-based and interoperable, LifeSize systems are easily and seamlessly integrated into existing environments, thus making HD video collaboration accessible to more people in more places. LifeSize® HDVC can now deliver a true end-to-end unified communications solution through seamless integration with Microsoft® Lync® Microsoft®, Android and Apple collaborate, for the first time, to deliver High Definition Video Conferencing products that are smart, simple and streamlined.

Security for your system

As a rule, business communication tools need to be protected from potential security breaches, and your new Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) system and voicemail solutions are no exception.

Fixed phone security essentials checklist (PDF, 106kB)

Contact us about Telstra Business Phone Systems or call 1300 ASK DMG