Telstra Business
BYO Mobile Plans

With our new Business Mobile Plans, we’ll help you keep your business moving with generous call, SMS and data inclusions for use while you’re in Australia. It means no matter which plan you choose, we’ll have your business covered.

Share data across your team

You can share your monthly data allowances between all
eligible Business Mobile Plans including the Data Share
SIM plans and Voice and Data Share SIM Plan’s. Maximise your data across your account. Data Sharing is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Extra data when you need it

Extra Data will automatically extend your data allowance in
blocks of 1GB for $10 each, once you’ve gone over your included monthly data allowance. Extra Data is for use in Australia and any unused data will expire at the end of your monthly billing period.
If you have Shared Data with this service, any 1GB block of
Extra Data will apply to the shared group allowance.

Business Mobile Data Share SIM plans
and Voice & Data Share SIM plans

Help keep your team connected
Add a Data Share SIM Plan for $5/mth when you take up
a Business Mobile SBO Plan, SIM Plan or Casual Plan.
Your Data Share SIM Plan will allow you to share your accounts
pooled data allowance with any additional Tablet’s or Mobile
Broadband devices. You can connect up to 5 Data Share SIM
plans per active Business Mobile plan on your account.

Things You Need to Know: My Business Mobile Plans: Some usage is excluded, like calls and messages to premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers), 1234,  12455 and 12456 numbers, some satellite numbers, content charges and use overseas. Unused allowances expire monthly Data Sharing: Data Share SIMs  can be purchased for $5/mth per SIM. You can share data between your Plan and other eligible plans on the same account. Your data will also automatically
be pooled with all eligible Business Mobile, Go Business Mobile & Easy Share Business Mobile plans. Any extra Data Share SIM(s) can only be used for  data. They cannot be used for voice calls or messaging. If you use your Data Share SIM in a mobile phone on the Telstra Mobile Network, we may block access  to data from that mobile handset. Eligible Voice and Data Share SIM’s available for $5/mth per SIM on the $135 and $195 Business Mobile plans can be  used for standard voice and SMS from Australia to Australian numbers and data sharing with other eligible services on the same account. International  direct dialling and international roaming are excluded and you will be charged separately for these. You can have up to 1 Voice and Data Share SIM on the  $135 My Business Plan and up to 2 Voice and Data Share SIM’s on the $195 Plan. New Phone Feeling: Excludes My Business Mobile SIM and Casual Plans.  New Phone Feeling is automatically included as part of your eligible contract with Telstra. You are under no obligation to use New Phone Feeling. The Device  Redemption Fee will be billed on your next Telstra bill. We may charge you the remaining payments under your contract for your existing device if you do not  comply with the eligibility criteria. If your device is deemed to be inoperable because it is locked, we may charge you a fee equivalent to the fair market value  of the existing device as determined by us as well as any shipping costs. My Business Casual Plans: If you cancel your plan you’ll get a pro-rata refund of your  monthly charge and your included call allowance will be pro-rated for the billing cycle. Mobile repayment option: If you cancel early the remaining device  payments will be higher as you’ll no longer receive a credit to offset your device cost. Bring Your Own (BYO) Handsets: If you’re bringing your own mobile phone  to use with your new plan, please check that your device supports 3G-850MHz and Telstra’s other network frequencies to ensure you get the best experience  on the Telstra Mobile Network. See for more info. Full terms: Please check Our Customer Terms at and the  Critical Information Summaries at for full details and terms for these plans. The spectrum device and ™ are trade marks and ® are registered  trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556. G197 AUG16