Avaya IP Office 500

Enabling growing businesses to harness the power of unified communications

The award-winning IP Office 500 is designed to meet the requirements of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium enterprises.

This powerhouse system is designed to grow with your business at your own pace and budget, with the ability to support up to 384 users. Start with what you need and expand easily and cost effectively.  IP Office can connect up to 32 separate site locations, allowing them to communicate as one, reducing upfront investment and driving long-term productivity.

IP Office 500 Control Unit

(Shown with Two Expansion Units)

Features and Benefits

The Avaya IP Office 500 includes the following features and benefits:

  • Designed for Maximum Up time
    • Continues to communicate even in the event of hardware failure or a power outage
    • Operates without moving parts, making the system resistant to failure and overheating
    • Less vulnerable to intrusions or hacking due to its proprietary operating system
  • Scalability
    • Start with only what your business needs
    • Add storage, phone lines, and new capabilities as your business grows and requires them
    • Can be used as an Expansion System within a Server Edition deployment, allowing for up to 1,000 users at a single site location
  •  Flexibility
    • Selection of phone types to meet multiple needs and budgets
    • Support for IP, Analog, and Digital phones, all on the same system at the same time
    • Mix and match any combination of phone types to meet different users’ needs

Avaya IP Office Management Tools

Avaya IP Office 500 includes built-in management utilities for system administration, capturing call reports, monitoring system resource utilization, and managing data.

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office management tools include the following features and benefits:

  •         Manage the system from any location at any time from any PC connected via a web browser (only available on IP Office Basic Edition)

   Easy-to-use interface

   Quickly and easily make modifications as needed

   Review changes offline

   A backup copy of the IP Office configuration is always available for disaster recovery

  •         Proactively monitor activities on the system

   View details on incoming and outgoing calls; such as length of call, caller ID, and routing info

   View most recent changes made to the system and who made them

  •         Receive system performance notifications

   Set alarms to be alerted when performance is not at a designated level

   Real-time diagnostics allow speedy resolution of potential issues

   Be notified when system resources are reaching capacity

  •         Secure Access

   Access to each IP Office location is protected by passwords and definable user rights

   Security settings operate according to the individual administrator’s level of expertise


Avaya IP Office Essential Edition

Fundamental Business Communications

Avaya IP Office Essential Edition provides small businesses the communications tools needed to operate effectively and efficiently. These include the essentials needed to enhance communications with customers and to streamline operations, such as one number access, caller ID, dial-by-name, automated attendants, conferencing, and voicemail.

Features and Benefits

The Avaya IP Office Essential Edition includes the following features and benefits:

  •         One Number Access

   Provide a single office phone number to customers

   Configure calls to ring simultaneously to any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls while keeping the secondary phone number hidden

  •         Collaboration via Integrated Conferencing Capabilities

   128-party conferencing capacity

   Up to 64 parties on a single conference call

   Increase communication with staff, vendors, suppliers, and customers while cutting costs

  •         Advanced Call Routing and Auto Attendants

   Route calls to the appropriate person or group based on caller ID

   Provide options to callers in queue via 40 easily customizable automated attendants

   Customize caller greetings so key clients receive a personalized message

  •          Embedded Voicemail

   No additional hardware required

   Retrieve voicemail messages from any telephone or via the email inbox

   Save, delete, forward, repeat, rewind, fast forward, and skip messages

  •         Additional Basic Call Features

   Automatic Call-back

   Caller ID

   Hold Call Waiting

   Message Waiting Indication

   Multilingual Automation Capabilities


   Park and Page

   Toggle Calls


Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition

Superior Customer Service and Intelligence

Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition vastly improves customer service via enhanced phone interactions with customers, clients, suppliers, and vendors. Valuable data from customer calls helps improve the interaction experience to deliver greater revenue and create loyal customers. This information is provided through the intuitive easy-to-use interfaces and tools of the Customer Service Agent and Supervisor applications. The result extends hours of operation, balances employee workload, and measures worker productivity.

Equally importantly, Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition empowers your customers to do business with you as they prefer, with 24/7 access to information and services using customized automated self-help capabilities. This frees your employees to dedicate time to customers requiring additional help. Both forms of interaction result in increased customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits Summary

IP Office Advanced Edition enhances all the benefits of IP Office Preferred Edition and adds these exceptional features:

  •         Integrated Voice Response Services

   Provide customers with 24/7 access to check the status of orders and request information

   Give holding callers the options to wait, leave a voice message, or transfer to another group

   Inform callers on hold of their estimated wait time and position in queue

   Customize up to four music-on-hold announcements to advertise special promotions

  •         Call Quality Assurance

   Listen in functionality allows supervisors to monitor an agent’s phone calls

   Agent coaching can be provided during the call without the customer hearing the advice

  •         Caller Location Identification Map

   View the locations of all callers, based on pins on the map

   View the location of an individual caller, based on phone number

   Use location information to create targeted marketing campaigns based on caller concentration

   Identify specific geographic problem areas

  •         Desktop Call Control for Customer Service Agents

   Increase productivity by allowing agents to log in and out of groups, enter reason codes, and perform other duties from their personal computers

   Customize views to show agents a wide range of information to help them budget time based on workload, call queues, and other agent availability

  •         Call Recording

   Understand problem areas so they can be addressed to improve customer service

   Quickly search for desired call by date, time, parties, length, or target extension number

  •         Comprehensive Reporting

   Drag-and-drop to create custom reports from scratch or use the built-in templates

   Schedule reports to run automatically daily, weekly, and monthly

   Print or email reports in PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text, or Crystal formats

  •         Automated Customer Surveys

   Gather insight about customer experiences via audio or touchtone without tying up staff

   Retrieve responses as easily as checking a voice mail message

  •         Real-time Customer Service Management

   Track and measure agent productivity with 30 real-time statistics and alarms

   See when, how many times, and for how long an agent is taking breaks, along with other shift details

   Activate alarms and warnings when defined levels are reached, and clear them when conditions return to desired levels

   Modify alarm threshold levels to respond to current conditions

   Drag-and-drop desired statistics to the view panel to speed up information gathering and decision making

   Send messages and statistics to a common group wallboard  

Sample Wallboard Statistics

 Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition

For Optimal Responsiveness and Professionalism

Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition enables your business to use communications to establish a competitive edge. For investment protection, the system is expandable as your business grows, easily adapting to changing business needs. Employees can handle dozens of calls simultaneously from a personal computer, preventing customers from waiting on indefinite hold. It is the right choice for any business that wants to use communications to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition includes the following features and benefits:

  •         Collaboration via Integrated Conferencing Capabilities

   128-party conference capacity

   64 parties on a single conference call

   Unique PIN codes for additional security

   Add an optional high definition video to conference with colleagues

  •         Extended Personal Greetings

   Each user can have multiple personalized greetings, customized based on availability

  •         Sophisticated Voicemail

   40-port capacity handles up to 40 simultaneous calls to voicemail

   Callers on hold can choose to wait, leave a voice mail message, or transfer to another group

   A single voicemail can be broadcast to all employees, a specific department, or a single team

   Users can send notifications and forward and copy voice message to an email inbox

  •         Customized Automated Attendants

   Improved customer experience via an unlimited number of automated attendants programmed with multiple menu levels

   Automated attendants can be customized to play under certain conditions and to certain customers, based on caller ID

   Set different messages and call routing options based on time of day and day of week criteria

   Pre-record announcements, emergency instructions, holiday greetings, and promotions

   Multiple language support allows customers to communicate in their native languages

   Callers can use the dial-by-name feature to reach a particular individual

   Provide callers with valuable information such as wait time, position in queue, and promotions

  •         Call Monitoring and Recording

   Define a frequency or percentage of calls to be recorded, or record calls with the push of a button

   Recordings are delivered to a voicemail box or to an email inbox for later playback

   Valuable for identifying areas for improving customer interactions

Avaya IP Office Server Edition

Seamless Growth, Simple Management, and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership for Midsize Businesses

IP Office Server Edition is the ideal solution for midsize businesses, delivering intelligent unified communications, scalable growth, and seamless management. It enables businesses to quickly and easily add users to an existing office or connect a remote office. Server Edition delivers true centralized management and licensing for all users across all locations in one intuitive graphical user interface.

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office Server Edition includes the following features and benefits:

  •         Expanded scale/capacity

   Scale up to 1,000 users at a single site location (up from 384 with Preferred Edition)

   Scale up to 100 voice messaging ports (up from 40 with Preferred Edition)

   Scale up to 250 one-X® Portal users on the primary server, or up to 500 users with an optional expansion server

  •         Centralized Management

   Using one intuitive interface, the administrator can view all users on a single site or across up to 32 locations

   Viewing system status allows the administrator to know of any potential issues that could affect system performance, including over-utilized trunk lines, voice ports, and bandwidth utilization

  •         Centralized Licensing

   Cost effectively purchase discounted license packs

   Easily assign user solutions to employees anywhere within the network

  •         Built-in Resiliency

   In the event of a system outage within a multi-site network where Server Edition is deployed across remote locations, all IP Phones at the location of the outage will re-register to an alternate location

  •         Flexibility

   Analog, digital, and IP sets are all supported, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for your business – operationally and financially

Avaya IP Office Receptionist Solution

Efficient and Professional Call Handling

At the real or virtual front door to your business, receptionists continually greet and interact with customers and associates. It’s easy to see how important it is to have a phone application that allows efficient and professional call handling. The IP Office Receptionist solution enables receptionists to provide callers with a satisfying initial experience.

This powerful computer application enables a single operator to manage calls for multiple locations to not only provide prompt and professional handling of calls, but also to provide consistent service while controlling costs. This solution improves service by simplifying call handling actions through an intuitive interface. Just click and drag to transfer calls, put calls on hold, or conference in a colleague.


Avaya IP Office SoftConsole View

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office Receptionist Solution includes the following features and benefits:

  • ·         Professional Call Answering

   Customized scripts can be displayed, based upon caller ID or called number, for personalized service and for training receptionists

  • ·         Manage Calls for Multiple Sites

   One receptionist can handle calls for multiple offices by answering and transferring calls throughout the network

   An internal directory is automatically synchronized between all IP Office systems

  • ·         Shared Operator

   Incoming calls can be identified by business so the receptionist will answer with the appropriate company name

   Reduces overhead costs and increases operational efficiencies

  • ·         Powerful Capabilities Via Simple Mouse Clicks

   Calls can be controlled at the click of a mouse using the Receptionist SoftConsole interface

   Availability is displayed so calls are not routed to unavailable employees

Avaya IP Office Multi-Site Option

Cost-effective communications across remote sites

Whether your business already has multiple locations, or you’re planning to expand locally or globally in the future, the IP Office Multi-Site Option has what you need to keep communications running seamlessly. IP Office can allow up to 32 sites to communicate as one, accommodating up to 1,000 users. Reduce costs by sharing resources among multiple sites – use a single voice mail system, a single receptionist to answer calls, and a single system management interface.

If one location experiences a disruption, it automatically fails over to another location, reducing the risk of communication outage.

IP Office locations networked together enable employees to stay connected and collaborate, regardless of their locations. Beyond the basic desk-to-desk dialing capability, employees at one location can see availability and presence information via their phones or computer screens. They can also quickly and easily exchange information via chat to help speed decision-making.

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office Multi-Site Option includes the following features and benefits:

  • ·         All Sites Appear as One

   Distribute incoming calls across all sites for faster call handling and improved customer satisfaction

   Have one receptionist handle multiple locations

   Share one messaging system, directory, and dial plan across all locations

  • ·         Built-in Resiliency

   IP phones seamlessly failover to another site in the event of a disruption so voice communications are always available

   Voice messages and configuration data are automatically backed up, making them always accessible in the event of a failure

  • ·         Centralized Management

   Administrators can easily manage the IP Office network from a centralized location, reducing costs and managing multiple sites quickly and easily

  • ·         Instantly Personalize Any Desk Phone

   Employees can log into their extensions from any IP Office phone on the network

   Permissions and restrictions are the same on any IP Office phone as they are on the main office phones

   Enhances productivity and accessibility of mobile staff

  • ·         Keep calling costs down within your network

   Reduce costs by utilizing the voice network at remote locations for toll bypass

   Use your private network for more cost effective site-to-site communication

Avaya IP Office Power User Solution

Stay connected and productive from any location

The IP Office Power User application is the ultimate in communications accessibility for small businesses. It enables executives and managers to be as productive as possible in virtually any circumstance. Armed with a laptop and any phone, Power User software (in conjunction with IP Office Preferred Edition, Advanced Edition, and Server Edition) unifies communications to help employees work at the highest levels of efficiency, regardless of their location.

Features and Benefits Summary

Multiple features provide the following corresponding benefits:

  • ·         Stay Connected While Mobile

   Allows calls to ring simultaneously at both a desk phone and a mobile phone

   Allows Avaya one-X® Mobile users to perform all the same call handling actions as from a desk phone via an iPhone or Android mobile device; including accessing the corporate directory, making and receiving calls and instant messages, hosting and attending audio conferences, seeing employee availability via presence, and using geo-tracking to determine the location of colleagues in the field

   Utilizing Microsoft Exchange, email messages can be read over the phone using advanced text-to-speech technology; voice replies to email messages appear as a .WAV attachment in the recipient’s mailbox

   Turns an iPad into a communication powerhouse with Avaya Flare® Communicator, which provides an intuitive interface on an iPad from which users can do such things as make and receive phone and conference calls, check voicemail, and view presence

  • ·         See, Click, and Connect

   Manage all calls by using any of the convenient and intuitive computer interfaces, retaining the same controls and capabilities as when in the office to always stay connected

   Integrate desktop calling and communications capabilities with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Lync, and Salesforce.com®


IP Office Call Log

  •         Control Calls From Any Phone

   With just a laptop and Internet connection, any phone can become an office phone, with the full complement of features and capabilities delivered via an easy-to-use PC interface

  •         One Number Access

   Provide a single office phone number to customers

   Configure calls to ring simultaneously to any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls while keeping the secondary phone number hidden

  •         Host Individual Conference Calls

    Enable cost-effective collaboration by utilizing the IP Office system’s built-in 128-party conference capacity

   Host calls of up to 64-parties on a single call

   Quickly set up scheduled or ad-hoc password protected conference calls

  •         Unified Messaging

   Access voicemail and email in a single inbox on the computer for fast, efficient access to information due to automatic notification

   Messages can also be accessed via a Web browser, with synchronization keeping all mailboxes up-to-date

  •         Video Calls

   Make and receive personal video calls to other employees designated as Power Users or Teleworkers on the network

Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred Solution

One number access for employees on the road

For employees who work primarily away from a desk, Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred (available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition) keeps them readily accessible. avayamanWherever they’re working—with clients, traveling between stores, down the hall, in the warehouse, or on the road —Mobile Worker Preferred turns any iPhone or Android mobile device into an office phone extension, with many of the same call handling features.

Employees no longer need to disclose their personal cell phone numbers due to being out of the office; instead, their office number is the only one they need to distribute. Calls ring simultaneously to the desk phone and to the mobile device, making it easy for customers, colleagues and vendors to reach employees wherever they are.

Features and Benefits Summary

Multiple features provide the following corresponding benefits:

  •         Stay Connected While Mobile

   The application allows calls to ring simultaneously at both a desk phone and any other designated phone (mobile, remote office, home).

   Record calls when on the move and replay the conversations at a later time

   Place business calls and return messages without compromising privacy by calling the IP Office system to place the call

   Use key call handling features, including transfer, conference, forward, and hold, even on a mobile or home phone

   Extend presence and instant messaging capabilities to the mobile device to see who’s available and instantly contact them through IM

  •         Easy Access to All Messages

   Utilize Microsoft Exchange to have email messages read over the phone using text-to-speech

   Reply to Microsoft Exchange email messages with a voice response, provided as a .WAV attachment

   Voicemail and email messages appear in a single inbox on a computer or smartphone for fast, efficient message retrieval

   Use visual voicemail to prioritize messages based on importance

  •         Hot Desking

   Turns any IP Office phone into a temporary office phone where calls are routed, regardless of its location within the multi-site network

   Identical calling permissions and restrictions are applied as in the office, including voicemail access

  •         Roam Wirelessly

   Add an optional Avaya wireless phone (purchased separately) to roam throughout the office, warehouse, or campus to always be reachable by customers and colleagues

Avaya IP Office – Office Worker Solution

Maximize productivity throughout the office

Associates who are always working in the office require a unique set of communications tools to be as productive as possible at all times. Available with IP Office Preferred Edition, Advanced Edition, and Server Edition, the web browser-based Office Worker solution for IP Office is a single intuitive PC interface that puts powerful communications tools at your employees’ fingertips. Office Worker helps employees work faster and smarter, which can translate into greater efficiency and better customer interactions.

Features and Benefits Summary

Multiple features provide the following corresponding benefits:

  •         Control Calls from a PC or iPad

   Access dozens of speed dial entries, transfer calls, and conference in colleagues, all with just a click or tap

   Integrate desktop calling communications capabilities with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Lync,  and Salesforce.com® to handle calls from within the application on users’ PCs

  •         Efficiently Manage All Messages

   Use built-in unified messaging to prioritize and handle all messages, as voicemails, emails, and faxes appear together in the PC interface

  •         Easily Manage Audio Conferences

   Save significantly due to IP Office’s built-in conferencing bridge

   Simplify the creation, access, and management of audio conferences so employees make better use of this productivity enhancing tool

  •         View Presence Information for Contacts

   Always know the status of co-workers and external contacts

  •         Send Instant Messages

   Send instant messages to associates or other contacts to improve response times and speed decision-making

Avaya IP Office Teleworker Solution

Fulltime Remote Worker Productivity

The IP Office Teleworker application provides powerful communications tools to enable home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in an office. Available with IP Office Preferred Edition teleworkerand Advanced Edition, Teleworker allows small businesses to expand their labor pool by enabling people to work remotely yet retain the full array of office phone capabilities.

Using a high speed Internet connection at their home and VPN connection back to the office, remote workers remain an integral part of the company. They become a seamless extension of the main office, making it easy for customers and colleagues to reach them. Calls flow through the network, reducing costs and eliminating variable phone expenses.

Features and Benefits Summary

Multiple features provide the following corresponding benefits:

  •         Point-and-Click Call Handling

   The Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office PC interface integrates seamlessly with any phone, including residential or mobile phones

   Click-to-dial, transfer, hold, conference, forward, as well as access to hundreds of speed dials

   Utilize the call history log to view missed calls, outgoing calls, and incoming calls received

   Access system, corporate, and personal directories

   Integrate desktop calling and communications capabilities with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Lync, and Salesforce.com®


Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office


  •         Presence

   Remote workers and their office counterparts can see each other’s status for instantaneous communications

  •         Conferencing

   Control conference calls with features such as add, drop, record, mute, and unmute

  •         Always Stay Connected

   If VPN connectivity is lost or bandwidth compromised, employees won’t miss important calls as they simply leverage their computer interface and home or wireless phones to stay connected

    In both cases, the personal telephone number is kept private

  •         IP Office Video Softphone

   Utilize the included personal video softphone application in order to participate in a personal video call with another Teleworker or Power User on the network

   Use full audio call control to make and receive calls, place calls on hold, transfer, and create conference calls

   Access is provided to the system directory as well as a call history log

  •         Avaya Flare® Experience

   Software can be run on a Windows PC or iPad tablet device

   Intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows employees to access the corporate directory, make and receive phone calls and instant messages, host and attend audio conferences, see employee availability via presence, and launch email

   Two-way video conferencing



Avaya IP Office Customer Service Agent and Avaya IP Office Customer Service Supervisor Solutions

Improve Agent Productivity and Customer Intelligence

Businesses that understand how communications can enhance highly personalized customer service with speed and efficiency will appreciate the powerful information IP Office Customer Service applications for Agents and Supervisors can deliver. Valuable data in customer calls can help improve the interaction experience to deliver greater revenue and loyal customers. Available with IP Office Advanced Edition, Customer Service for Agents and Supervisors provides a wealth of information through intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces and tools.

Customer Service Agents need to be knowledgeable about the products or services they support, as well as able to quickly respond to customers. To that end, agents can quickly log into a group to assist should there be an influx of calls into that group or if another agent is unavailable. They can also receive information such as the number of calls on hold, in progress, lost, and number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, the customer service agent can spend more time with the current caller, increasing revenue, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

To understand the effectiveness of IP Office Customer Service Agents, it’s necessary to track and measure their productivity. Information gained helps to identify and resolve short comings and capitalize on opportunities. The IP Office Customer Service Supervisor solution provides this through an intuitive browser interface.

Features and Benefits Summary

The Avaya IP Office Customer Service Agent and Customer Service Supervisor solution includes the following features and benefits:

  •         Real-time Access to Information

   Using a browser interface, supervisors have single-screen access to over 30 real-time statistics, alarms, and reports

   Detailed data helps schedule staffing for peak times, provides relevant agent training (including recording and archiving of calls for later review) and improves overall business performance

  •         Desktop Call Control

   Agents can easily log in and out of groups, enter reason codes, and perform other duties from their computers, using an intuitive browser-based interface

   Through customizable views set by a supervisor, agents can also see a wide range of information to help them budget their time based on workload, call queues, and other agent availability

  •         Alarm Thresholds

   Supervisors can choose from ten alarm statistics and can fine-tune threshold levels at any time in response to current conditions

  •         Motivate Agents

   Supervisors can create messages for display on a wallboard, such as an LCD television screen, where it can be seen in a group area to show a leader board or a select group of statistics

  •         Expandable Workforce

   Enable remote agents by adding the IP Office Teleworker solution

  •         Supervisors Save Time Creating Reports

   Utilize built-in templates for historical call reporting, as well as customize over 100 reports for precise analytics

   Schedule delivery of various reports to interested parties in the one of several formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel, Rich Text, or Crystal

  •         Customize Supervisor Views

   Personalize statistics in order to view only the most pertinent details for that specific group and agent

   Remove data clutter of less important facts to keep focused on relevant information

   Drag-and-drop desired statistics to the view panel and be immediately presented with the data


IP Office Customer Call Reporter


Video Collaboration Solutions

Enhancing your business communications with video

With a globally dispersed workforce, it can cost a great deal of time and money to hold face-to-face meetings. Fortunately, video conferencing has made it possible for people to do just that without being in the same physical location. Avaya IP Office provides small-to-midsize businesses with the opportunity to experience advanced real-time collaboration with video conferencing.

Businesses have varying needs when it comes to video collaboration. For that reason, Avaya offers a range of video conferencing solutions for small and midsize businesses to choose from. The following solutions are all available with Avaya IP Office:

Video Softphone

Right out of the box, IP Office delivers simple-to-use, yet powerful video solutions. Two popular IP Office user applications—the Power User and Teleworker solutions—come with high definition-quality video softphones included, delivering rich video collaboration for up to six endpoints.

Avaya Flare® Experience

Video is available for Windows-based PCs and iPad tablets. IP Office integrates the powerful voice and video collaboration capabilities offered through the Avaya Flare® Experience. Included with the IP Office Power User and Teleworker applications, users simply download the free Avaya Flare® app to their device, and on-the-go video collaboration is a reality.

RadVision Scopia®

RadVision Scopia® provides the highest quality of video conferencing offered by Avaya. It is a standards-based solution that allows users on other devices (using IP Office Video Softphone or Avaya Flare® Experience) to communicate with users on Scopia®.

The Scopia® Desktop Solution enables video collaborations on multiple devices, including Macs, Windows PCs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Communicate internally, or invite partners or customers to safely and securely participate in a video conference.

Avaya IP Office Support Services

Reinforcing and extending the value delivered by your Avaya communications solution

Business success can be highly dependent on the ability of employees to communicate effectively with one another and with customers. When unforeseen issues arise that disrupt the flow of business communications, support that is easily accessible, highly efficient, and delivered by properly qualified resources is crucial to already have in place. To meet those exact needs and provide peace of mind, IP Office Support Services are available in 8x5x5 and 24×7 options. To simplify budgeting and billing, one-, three-, and five-year prepaid contract services can be selected. IP Office applications can be securely managed remotely so that support is provided quickly and easily without the need for an onsite visit by a technician.

Features and Benefits Summary

Experience the following benefits that Avaya IP Office Support Services provides:

  •         Comprehensive support offerings

   Rapid remote hardware and software support

   Enhanced remote connectivity for quicker troubleshooting that is easy to set up and provides increased security

   Technical expertise and quality assurance from the manufacturer

   Simple pricing structure makes budgeting easy, accurate, and consistent

  •         Improved system performance

   Access to software patches and updates

   Comprehensive support quickly delivered

   Certified parts replacement options

   Support specifically designed for your company’s environment

  •         Added value

   Enjoy high-quality services at a competitive price

   Rapid and seamless scale with a multitude of applications

   Access to all major upgrades during the term of your support agreement to keep technology up-to-date

  •         Scalable

   Scale up to 1,000 users on connected systems

  •         Seamlessly transition licenses

   Avaya application licenses can be transitioned to centralized viewing and management with no additional support fees

  •         Quickly integrate new sites

   Sites can easily be added and coverage adjusted accordingly to adapt to changing needs

Avaya 1400 Series Digital Deskphones for IP Office

All Avaya 1400 Series Digital Deskphones for IP Office are equipped with fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks, including conference, transfer, drop, hold, and mute. The following chart is an overview of the differences between the three phones.


*Button expansion modules can provide additional lines for calls bridged from one or more extensions, abbreviated dialing buttons, and/or buttons to access additional switch features such as call forwarding.

Avaya 1600 Series IP Telephones for IP Office

All Avaya 1600 Series IP Telephones for IP Office are part of the Avaya one-X® Deskphone Value Edition. Each also has an Ethernet switch port for small data file transfers. The following chart is an overview of the differences between the three phones.


*Button expansion modules can provide additional lines for calls bridged from one or more extensions, abbreviated dialing buttons, and/or buttons to access additional switch features such as call forwarding.


Avaya one-X® Deskphone 9600 Series IP Telephones

Avaya one-X® Deskphone is a family of next-generation IP telephones that deliver a new communications experience to drive increased productivity. The phones feature an intuitive user interface that helps make employees proficient in performing routine telephone tasks such as setting up a conference call or completing a transfer. They also feature brilliant audio quality, as well as support for voice commands and the ability to handle a user’s personal contacts stored on the phone or on a USB memory stick.

Avaya 9600 Series Deskphones are built with future growth and enhancements in mind, with many modular add-ons that can be added as they are needed; protecting investments and leading to improved total cost of ownership.


*Button expansion modules can provide additional lines for calls bridged from one or more extensions, abbreviated dialing buttons, and/or buttons to access additional switch features such as call forwarding.


Avaya DECT R4 IP Wireless Telephones

Avaya DECT R4 IP Wireless Telephones deliver the productivity-boosting benefits of IP and wireless communications across multiple offices in a convenient lightweight handset. They provide businesses a highly functional wireless solution with the ability to scale to support up to 384 handsets and 128 base stations in IP Office. Base stations can be any mix of IP and ISDN base stations (with the use of an IP DECT Gateway). This system also supports users in different offices that are connected via a WAN. Each handset on the DECT R4 network connects wirelessly using the DECT standard. The connections between the base station, IP Office, and the handsets provide both reliability and security.

DECT R4 series IP wireless telephones (3720/3740 and 3725/3749) provide extended mobility both in single site and multiple site environments in a convenient lightweight handset. All have built-in speakerphone, backlit display, and are headset compatible. The 3725/3749 handsets have a backlit colour display and support a variety of Bluetooth headsets.

The following chart is an overview of the differences between the four phones.


Avaya D100 SIP DECT System

The Avaya D100 SIP DECT system is a low cost, easy-to-use, feature-rich wireless solution. It integrates with IP Office to provide full access to system features. Utilizing next-generation digital wireless technology (DECT 6.0), this wireless telephone system offers crystal-clear, high quality voice communication. It is also expandable in capacity, providing support for up to 32 phones.

The system is entirely managed through IP Office Manager software. No additional configuration interface is needed for a plug-n-play installation. It supports advanced IP Office features, including busy lamp field functionality, message waiting indicator, programmable buttons, emergency call, and hot-desking.

The radio coverage for the D100 base station is 100-350 ft indoor and 700 ft in an open field. Coverage can be expanded by adding up to five repeaters. This flexible expansion makes the D100 cost effective for small installations, while at the same time providing the capability for seamless telephony in larger areas.

Avaya D160 HandsetAVAYADect&Base

The D160 Handset allows easy access to IP Office features with a 2 x 24 display, 4 soft keys and 8 function keys. The battery capacity allows for 16 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby time.

The following telephony features are supported on the D160 Handset:

  •         Make and drop call
  •          Conference (three-party via IP Office)
  •          Music-on-hold (via IP Office)
  •          Redial
  •          Button programming
  •          Mute
  •          Voicemail access
  •          Call forwarding (via IP Office)
  •         Transfer
  •          Emergency call
  •          Hot desking

Avaya 3641/3645 Wireless VoIP Telephones for IP Office

Avaya IP Wireless Solutions offer advanced VoIP clients for wireless networks. By carrying both voice and data traffic along the same network, your business saves costs while simplifying the management of the system. Users have a choice of an executive or rugged workplace telephone with all the productivity benefits of their desk telephones. Both phones have speakerphone capabilities and a headset jack. A multitude of accessories are available, including a dual charger, a quick charger, a belt clip, a nylon pouch, a carrying case with lanyard, a hands-free pouch, a noise cancelling headset, and an over-the-ear headset. The following chart is an overview of the differences between the two phones. 


Avaya B100 Series Conference Telephones for IP Office

When employees need the ability to engage in quick, easy and spontaneous collaboration, there is nothing more effective than a conference call. A single call shared with multiple users lowers your carbon footprint and makes better use of individual schedules. They are proven money-savers; in many cases paying for themselves in the first meeting alone. Avaya B100 Series Conference Phones for IP Office are an ideal way to leverage the built-in Avaya IP Office conference bridge, deliver enhanced audio quality, and include an array of features that simplify setting up, managing, and participating in conference calls.

Features of the Avaya B100 Series Conference Telephones for IP Office include:

  • ·         Superb sound quality using Avaya OmniSound® audio technology to deliver crystal-clear voice transmission. A built-in, adjustable equalizer gets the sound levels just right. An Omni-directional microphone and three speakers add to the optimal audio performance.
  • ·         Ready out-of-the-box for standard-size rooms (up to 300 square feet.). Adding an expansion microphone more than doubles the voice pickup range. For a wider audience, connect Avaya B100 Conference Phones to a public address system.
  • ·         Easy meeting set-up using the conference guide to call pre-programmed groups. Create a phone book with the user profile feature (up to 1,000 contacts per profile). Import and export contacts via the web interface.
  • ·         Connectivity choices as participants can connect computers for VoIP calls, mobile phones, in-building wireless phones, and regular desk phones directly to the conference phone.
  • ·         Capturing entire meetings as audio files on the in-phone SD card and/or use the conference phones as dictation devices. 

Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 is a series of high-performance Ethernet switches for small to medium enterprises, branches, and open environments outside of the wiring closet. A low-cost feature- rich solution, the Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 is comprised of six Ethernet switching products, including 24-port 10/100BASE-TX model variants and 10 and 24-port 10/100/1000BaseT model variants. Models that operate in fanless mode and models that support IEEE 802.3af PoE+ are also available.

For small and medium enterprises typically with 100 users or less, these switches are reliable and cost-effective to provide converged services within single or multiple sites. It also suits medium to large companies looking for a compact switch to provide connectivity within remote offices.

Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

 Highlights include:

  • ·         Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for small locations at cost-effective price points.
  • ·         Three fanless models provide quiet operation in open areas such as classrooms, boardrooms, and retail shops.
  • ·         Over 100 enterprise-class features.
  • ·         Simplified operations, including one minute plug-and-play capabilities for IP phones, automatic QoS provisioning, and intuitive management options.
  • ·         Pay-as-you-grow scaling. The 24-port models support Avaya stackable chassis architecture that enables scaling by simply adding modules. The switch can scale up to 80 gigabits per second of virtual backplane capacity in a stack of 8 units.
  • ·         Complements Avaya IP Office solutions with integrated plug-and-play, auto-detect, and command line interface script features.

Simplified Operations

Many smaller environments have limited staff; therefore, equipment purchased to run in these locations must be simple to install, manage, and operate. This switch is well suited for these environments. When deployed in conjunction with an Avaya IP Office system, the Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 can offer increased operational simplicity over third-party switching solutions through features that simplify both the initial deployment as well as ongoing adds, moves, and changes.

Validated Interoperability with Avaya IP Office

To simplify converged deployments for small to medium enterprises and branch offices, Avaya has validated interoperability between the Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 and the IP Office system. This enables the two products when deployed together to work seamlessly; eliminating the complexities associated with having to provision, manage, and troubleshoot a third-party switch with the Avaya voice/unified communications infrastructure.


Go Green with Avaya Products

From employee programs to the manufacturing process, Avaya is dedicated to being environmentally responsible in every facet of our business. As such, Avaya actively designs products, applications, and solutions that help reduce our customers’ carbon footprints. These include reducing equipment energy costs, decreasing office expense by supporting remote workers, and eliminating travel costs while retaining collaboration via enhanced audio and web conferencing.

Our commitment to high-quality intelligent voice communications at a low environmental cost applies to product portfolios being developed today, as well as those developed years ago, as evidenced in the following information:

  •         Avaya has had an ISO 14001-based EH&S Management System for its facilities and services since its inception in 2001, with EH&S committees to drive continued improvement deployed at most locations with greater than 50 employees. In addition, Avaya has an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for its Design for Environment process.
  •         Since 2002, Avaya has realized a 40% efficiency gain in our terminals. When Avaya Gigabit IP Phones are paired with the Avaya 4500 Ethernet Routing Switch series, a reduction of up to 76% in terminal power consumption is achieved.
  •         Avaya virtualization technology reduces energy consumption by decreasing the requirement for physical servers when running multiple applications.
  •         Avaya terminals are IEEE class 2 and require less power to operate than many of our competitors’ products.
  •         Avaya embedded servers can provide considerable power savings when compared with OEM servers for low-end applications.
  •         The power consumption of embedded IP media processors has been reduced by 64%.
  •         The power consumption for conferencing bridges has been reduced by 84%, and their footprints have been reduced dramatically as a result of transitioning from a hardware-based to a software-based solution.

Why Avaya?

Avaya is not the only company to provide unified communications solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses. So what makes an Avaya IP Office solution the best option for you?

We’ve summed it up into three key reasons:

  •         Most cost-effective solution. As a single, stackable, and scalable product. IP Office makes it easy to start out small and expand as your business does. Start with as few as 5 users and grow to 384 users on the same system. Expand further with support for up to 1,000 users across 32 sites.
  •         Best comprehensive value. The benefits are many, including the added productivity of a 128-party built-in conferencing bridge and resiliency using software for failover instead of requiring you to buy additional hardware. The built-in hybrid flexibility doesn’t force your business into a VoIP infrastructure but rather gives you choices that can save significant expense. Whether IP, digital, analog, wireless, or SIP, IP Office can accommodate your business needs.
  •         Proven commitment to investment protection. A core Avaya philosophy is our commitment to give each business the choice of when and how to evolve to new technologies, including leveraging what you have. Whether it’s moving from a Merlin Magix, PARTNER®, Integral, BCM, or Norstar system or simply integrating with software or services you already have, Avaya is always thinking about your best interests and bottom line results.

Our Legacy

Avaya is a trusted world leader in enterprise communications and services, combining the vigour of a new business with the resources and stability of a company that has more than a century of experience. Through our applications, systems, and services, we have achieved the worldwide #1 position for IP-telephony, multimedia-contact centres, voice messaging, unified communication, and #1 position in PBX maintenance services in the US.

More than 900,000 Small and Medium Businesses, 90% of the FORTUNE 500®, and multiple national governments across the globe trust Avaya with their communications to support profitable relationships with their customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and employees. Avaya Labs continues to be a major influence with 3,000 professionals in 20 countries; Avaya has over 5,500 patents and patents pending worldwide.

The Analysts Agree

Joining the long list of awards that highlight Avaya achievements for the small and mid-sized business, the most recent is October, 2011, when Frost & Sullivan, Growth Partnership Company, and an independent panel of judges selected Avaya IP Office as the ‘European Enterprise Communications Product of the Year 2011’ based on value for money, features and benefits, go-to-market strategy, market potential, and customer adoption.

 “With IP Office, Avaya introduced role-based bundles, thanks to which small businesses no longer need to select from various application options. This removes the complexity of choosing the right communications solution for their particular needs. In Europe in particular, products designed for working on the road, for example, ‘mobile worker’ and ‘power user’ targeted at executives, are the top best-selling solutions.” Dorota Oviedo, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan