Business Broadband ADSL


Our Ethernet solutions provide premium-grade dedicated broadband service with high-speed uploads and downloads – so your staff can send large files, access critical applications and run online services such as video conferencing with confidence. Physically separated from the ADSL consumer network, there’s no sharing of bandwidth when you become an Ethernet customer.

Business Broadband ADSL is a business-grade connection that takes full advantage of our ADSL high-speed coverage. ADSL is for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses. Unlike regular dial-up phone services, it provides continuously available “always on” connection, while simultaneously accommodating analogue (voice) information on the same line.

Our Business Broadband ADSL offers:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Australian-based, business-grade technical support is available around the clock.
  • Predictable performance
  • Your connection speeds will remain the same even if you exceed your monthly allowance. (Excess usage charges apply after your monthly limited is exceeded)
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Uploads won’t count towards your monthly usage plan.
  • Better cost control
  • Your excess data fees will be capped at $300 each month.
  • Access to CustData
  • Our online service management and reporting tools.
  • Scalability
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan without being financially penalised.

Our Business Broadband ADSL plans can also include:

  • Remote working capabilities
  • Static IP address
  • 10 x Business Mail POP mailboxes with web mail access
  • 1 x Business Domain name registered and hosted (e.g.

Business Broadband Ethernet


Our Business Broadband Ethernet provides a high-end internet solution to help power your business communications, online applications, and special services such as video conferencing. One of the key benefits of this solution is its equally fast downloads and uploads. Carriage is via a dedicated business-only network and supported by our IT and network experts. You need a fixed phone line service in order to get Business Broadband Ethernet.

  • Benefits of Business Broadband Ethernet:
  • Equally fast upload and download speeds
  • Plans are capped for easier cost control1
  • Remote working capabilities2
  • Static IP address

Telstra Business Broadband Ethernet Plans

All plans include:

  • 10 x Business Mail POP email boxes3 with web mail access
  • 1 x Business Domain name registered4 and hosted5 (eg.
  • Access to CustData – our service management and reporting tool online
  • Australian-based 24/7 business technical help desk

Ethernet ATM


Specifically designed for data traffic, Ethernet Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a low-cost Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that reliably interconnects multiple sites so information can be shared. This solution uses an Ethernet interface to provide national ATM access, instead of the standard ATM interface.


Fast, reliable and dedicated, Ethernet ATM is specifically designed for data traffic. As a wide area network (WAN) product it interconnects your multiple business sites. An alternative to a standard ATM service, this product provides your organisation with a low-cost Ethernet interface to your ATM high-speed data service, using a network terminating unit (NTU) at your organisation’s premises.

Ethernet ATM can provide your business with:

  • Reduced equipment costs -Transmit data traffic via ATM using a simple Ethernet interface
  • Reliable data transfer – Based on reliable and proven ATM infrastructure
  • Routing control over data traffic – Using Layer 2 networking between pairs of sites.


Cost-effective ATM access

Ethernet ATM enables businesses to make use of our reliable ATM network to transmit volumes of data traffic via a simple Ethernet interface. There’s no need to terminate the ATM service directly on more expensive ATM hardware.

Access all areas

Ethernet ATM works with standard ATM services and with Business DSL services, helping you to enable a mix of access types within a single customer network. Existing ATM customers can opt to use Ethernet ATM to connect new sites to their existing network. The product can also be used as a head-end for a network with multiple Business DSL ‘tail’ sites.

Greater priority for your business

You can be assured that priority will be given to latency and time-sensitive applications. This high-speed data product provides different classes of service (CoS) to suit different traffic types such as voice, video and data.

A network you can trust

Ethernet ATM uses Telstra’s robust and reliable ATM network. It’s the leading ATM service in Australia, providing businesses with cheaper access to a proven network. And because we‘ve been operating commercial ATM services since 1997, we have the experience you can depend on.


Reliably transfer your data via ATM

Ethernet ATM is used for metro, intra-state and inter-capital wide area networking between two or more sites to carry quantities of voice, data and/or video traffic and bandwidth speeds ranging from 10Mbits to 100Mbits.

Features include:

  • Ethernet ATM network terminating unit (NTU) – placed at the customer’s premises
  • Easy to upgrade – access bandwidth speeds of 10Mbits, 20Mbits, 50Mbits or 100Mbits (10/100baseT Ethernet customer interface) interworking with Business DSL – use as head-end access for the main data centre with Business DSL tails for smaller sites
  • Interworking with ATM – interwork Ethernet ATM sites with existing Telstra ATM sites without requiring customer premise equipment (CPE) swap-out at existing sites
  • Range of permanent virtual circuit (PVC) speeds – tailor bandwidths between each pair of sites, to individually suit data requirements
  • Available nationally – inter-state and intra-state
  • Layer 2 networking – support protocols other than IP to retain control over the routing of data traffic
  • Available bandwidth – access bandwidths up to the peak information rate (PIR) for each PVC when needed.

Optional features include:

  • Dual access – optional protection against failures in the access network or port
  • Back-up PVCs – provided to alternative sites for disaster recovery configurations
  • Virtual local area network (VLAN) to PVC mapping – separate traffic between PVCs (and sites) based on VLAN tags for an even higher level of control over data traffic
  • Managed wide area network (MWAN) – Telstra can manage the entire network, allowing you to focus on your core business

 Ethernet Lite


Ethernet Lite is a standard business-grade solution designed to meet the needs of customers requiring a simple, high-speed and scalable network. Perfect for bandwidth-intensive applications that require a stable and reliable solution, it gives your staff remote access to your central office sites.

A simple, high-speed and scalable network that can cope with hungry applications is what you get with Ethernet Lite (Business DSL). You can use Ethernet Lite as an access component to connect to your wide area network (WAN), to the internet, or for interconnecting to your customer’s own networks.

With Ethernite Lite (Business DSL), your business can:

  • Support your bandwidth – Guaranteed throughput and reliability for hungry applications. Bandwidth options range from 128kps up to 10 Mb/s.
  • Provide remote access – Deliver your service in a variety of ways

For more information

Ethernet Lite (Business DSL) Brochure (PDF, 106kB)


Provide remote access

Ethernet Lite can be used to help build your IP WAN or virtual private network (VPN), providing your staff with remote access to central office sites. With the new Ethernet over First Mile (EFM) capability, we can deliver Ethernet Lite (BDSL) services at increased bandwidths over greater distances than before. The service can be delivered in a number of ways, including as a point-to-point service to connect two sites, or in conjunction with Ethernet ATM, Telstra’s frame relay service, Telstra IP WAN or Internet Direct as part of a wide area network (WAN).

Dedicated and reliable data access

Unlike typical internet-grade DSL products where customers share a connection-based platform, Ethernet Lite delivers dedicated End User Access and Individual Service for each of your end-users. The Target Service Availability for Ethernet Lite (BDSL) has been increased from 99.6% to 99.8%.

Let us manage your network

We use established processes and competencies to support all your business data transfer, internet and connectivity needs. We can install and manage a network terminating unit (NTU) for each Ethernet Lite service. This NTU supports a 10/100 Ethernet port and provides simple and cost effective connectivity into a corporate WAN.


Flexible configurations and speeds

Ethernet Lite can be delivered in a number of ways, including:

  • As a ‘point-to-point’ service to connect two sites
  • In conjunction with Ethernet ATM
  • In conjunction with a Frame Relay service
  • In conjunction with IP WAN
  • In conjunction with Internet Direct as part of a wide area network (WAN).

Depending on the access speed, a number of different throughput levels – Ethernet virtual circuits (EVC’s) with varying committed information rates (CIR) – are also available.

The National Broadband Network


The National Broadband Network (NBN), Australia’s new fibre network, is underway.

The rollout of the new superfast network is set to change the way we operate, both at work and in our daily lives. That means more amazing opportunities to take your business where you want. A chance to innovate, transform the way you work or develop an entirely new business model.

In the brave new NBN era, it pays to work alongside someone who understands both the challenges and the opportunities. Someone who’ll be with you for the journey, from connecting you to the new network, to keeping you ahead of the curve.

Who can you trust to unlock the amazing potential of the NBN for your business? Telstra & DMG Communications.

Telstra Next IP® Network


It’s now possible for Australian businesses to access the same networks and services as large enterprise, but without the same level of investment. The Telstra Next IP® network is a high-performance national data network with coverage to over 95% of Australian businesses. It enjoys seamless integration with the wireless Next G® network, making it easier for your staff and offices around the nation to work as one.

The Next IP network enables you to:

  • Keep your field staff and branch offices connected to head office and each other
  • Standardise and share applications across the business
  • Manage remote staff and assets
  • Improve your productivity, efficiency and customer service

Because the Telstra Next IP® network has received ISO 27001 Security Management System accreditation for IP MAN, IP WAN and IP Wireless Products and has a 99.999% target core availability, it’s as robust as any business service.

So whether you need to add a single employee, or a company-wide application, you’ll find our Next IP® network scalable at every level, setting you up for future expansion.

Need more information?

For more information on Telstra’s Next IP® network, Contact us or call on 1300 ASK DMG.